Effects Of MS Contin Abuse

Effects of MS Contin Abuse

The impact of MS Contin abuse on the body can be severe. Using large doses of the drug can cause breathing difficulties, comas, and, in extreme cases, death. This is especially true if the user is not accustomed to the drug.

The risk of taking an overdose of MS Contin is many times compared to other drugs because of the fact that most drug abuse contributions lead to the MS-containing tablets that release very high levels of morphine within a short perios of time.

This happens if the drug is chewed, crushed, or injected, as each tablet is supposed to be swallowed as a whole and not in any other form. An overdose resulting from chewing, injecting or crushing can lead to death.

Any dangerous consequences arising from the abuse of MS Contin are because of talc, a constituent of the drug. Although this ingredient is not harmful when taken orally, injecting it into the bloodstream can be severely dangerous. The danger includes damage to tissue around the point of injection, damage to the valves of the heart, or lead problems with the lungs.

Effects of MS Contin Abuse

MS Contin abuse may also bring about emotional damage. The emotional impact of abusing MS Contin could drive the individual further and further from their family. It may lead to loss of income as the person may be forced away from the workplace. All of this could happen in the blink of an eye.

It is extremely difficult to tell who is likely to abuse the drug, but for people with a history of abusing drugs or alcohol (or in a situation where the problem runs in the family), there is a chance that MS Contin abuse could occur.

People who are mentally ill are also likely to abuse MS Contin because drugs including MS Contin can remedy the symptoms of mental illness.

There is, however, a difference between addiction and abuse. Using MS Contin leads to a strong craving for the drug, which is not necessarily a sign of addiction. The desire is a direct result of the fact that MS Contin is a narcotic. When using MS Contin, the body develops certain changes and suddenly ceasing to use the drug can lead to withdrawal symptoms, which again do not mean that an individual is abusing the drug.

As the changes take effect, more and more medications will be needed in order to have the same pain-killing impact. This does not mean that the person is abusing the drug.

Even people whose heavy pain is properly being addressed show signs of MS Contin abuse. A good example is a person developing strange behavioral changes or taking the drug more times than was recommended.

A person trying to kick the habit of abusing MS Contin should see their health care provider or contact a substance addiction treatment facility (800-303-2482) for help.

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