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MS Contin Abuse

MS Contin is a drug that is used in the treatment of chronic pain, withdrawal symptoms of alcohol, and other drug-related addictions in individuals. The drug is administered through a slow-releasing tablet once or twice a day. MS Contin, however, has potential to be abused because of the addictive properties of the morphine it contains.

Morphine was named after the Greek god of sleep, Morpheus. It induces sleep-like properties to an individual when used because of the effect it has on the central nervous system.

It affects the central nervous system by acting as a depressant and slowing down brain activity. It also activates the feel good cells in the brain and creates a feeling of being high to the user. Prolonged use of the drug may lead to dependence and ultimately addiction.

MS Contin abuse means taking the drug for reasons other than the prescribed purpose or in a slightly larger doses. Many people abuse the drugs to feel better or to get high without knowing the addictive potentiality the drug has. When abused, the drug also decreases hunger, produces severe constipation, and inhibits the cough reflex and sex drive for the abusers.

MS Contin Abuse

In women, abuse of the drug may also lead to disruption of the normal menstrual cycle. Tolerance for the drug also develops very quickly. When the drug is abused by pregnant women, their babies will be born with withdrawal symptoms from the drug since it crosses through the placenta to the baby.

Abuse of MS Contin is rapid because morphine will activate the reward system in the brain. This causes a deep craving for the drug by the individual. The addicts may find themselves not able to function without the drug and their whole life will be focused around abusing MS Contin. The drug has the most euphoric properties of all abused drugs in the world.

Many people may abuse the drug for recreational purpose such as to feel high, to be sociable, or just for the fun of it. Recreational abuse of MS Contin is very dangerous to an individual. This is mainly because the abusers will likely use the drug together with other recreational drugs and drinks.

One of the most dangerous aspects of drug combination is drug interactivity that may lead to an overdose. Overdosing on MS Contin can lead to death if the person is not rushed to a hospital in the shortest amount of time possible.

When you suspect that you may be abusing the drug, you can use a home test kit to ascertain whether or not you are addicted. The home test kit is a good way for people to get early treatment for abuse of the drug and possibly to avoid dependence and addiction. If the drug test kit has turned out positive, the user should seek a treatment program (800-303-2482) for the abuse.

There are many treatment programs available in the market, including a holistic treatment program and a psychological treatment program. Whichever method chosen, the user will likely be inducted back into society without any problems.

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