Side Effects Of MS Contin Abuse

Side Effects Of MS Contin Abuse

Abuse of MS Contin is usually brought about by the ingredient morphine, which forms part of the drug. Morphine is a narcotic that causes a feeling of euphoria or high like no other drug can produce.

This feeling is what makes most people addicted to the MS Contin drug. MS Contin is available as a slow-releasing tablet or as a rapid relief painkiller. It acts on the brain’s central nervous system and blocks the feelings of pain.

It also affects the feel-good cells in the brain making the user feel good about them. Use of the drug for a long time may cause a physical or psychological dependence. In the end, this is dangerous because the body will not be able to function without the addict using the drug.

Instead of a prescription drug, morphine may also be chewed, snorted, or injected for recreational purposes. This is a very dangerous thing because the ingredients in the drug are meant to be released slowly to the body.

Side Effects Of MS Contin Abuse

The MS Contin drug has many adverse side effects when it is abused. The drug acts on the intestinal tract and causes a malfunction. It reduces the peristalsis in the intestine and reduces the rate of gut-emptying, thereby causing a slow movement of the tract. The drug also causes reduced secretions in the gut and intestinal absorption.

Abuse of the drug may also lead to tolerance. Tolerance refers to an action in the body where the drug’s usefulness becomes less and less with time, leading to the user increasing their rate of taking the dose. The MS Contin drug also causes unusually pleasant or unpleasant feelings in the body of the user. This causes confusion to the metabolism of the body.

Abuse of MS Contin may also cause an allergic reaction to the drug. The allergic reaction may be very severe. Signs of an allergic reaction to the drug includes: swelling of the tongue, throat, lips, or face. The abuser may also develop hives and have difficulty breathing. Onset of such signs should immediately be reported to the doctor. Other common side effects of the drug abuse include:

  • Cold and clammy skin
  • Weaknesses and unsteadiness
  • Convulsions and seizures
  • Confusion
  • Difficulty in passing of urine
  • Slow heart rate and severe drowsiness

There are also some side effects which may not be as common to everyone who is abusing the drug; they include headaches, shakiness, tremors, diarrhea, dry mouth, redness in the face, impotence, lack of a sex drive, and sweating.

Abuse of MS Contin for a long time may cause addiction and possibly withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms may occur without abuse of the drug but are more severe in people who abuse it. The withdrawal symptoms are, however, not fatal if the person using the drug is healthy and physically fit. The withdrawal causes a rapid shedding of the cells in the body’s organs leading to an increased metabolic rate. This will cause sweating and dizziness.

The drug withdrawal symptoms take place in stages, with the onset of the symptoms occurring two hours after the last dose. The symptoms become severe in time and can last for several days or weeks. Abuse of the drug may also lead to an MS Contin overdose and eventual death.

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